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6 Fresh Haircuts for Men

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Men’s hair has come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days where a buzz cut or short back and sides were the only options, these days a man’s hairstyle says more about his personality than his clothes, and the choice of styles is endless.

If you are looking to update your style, here’s a selection of our favourite cuts so far this year to inspire you.

1. Flat Top

Men's flat top hair cut by Mobile Barber Shop Depot Gold Coast
Flat Top

First gaining popularity in the 50s and then again in the 80s and early 90s, the flat top has maintained a steady legion of fans. Though traditionally cut with clippers and a comb, we’ve created this look using a freehand scissor cut.

2. Pompadour

Men's disconnected pompadour haircut by Mobile Barber Shop Depot Gold Coast
Disconnected Pompadour

Popularised by Elvis Presley in the 50s, the modern pompadour is now favoured by celebs such as David Beckham and Brad Pitt. The buzzed sides on this pompadour give it a super fresh 00s feel.

3. French Crop

Men's modern French Crop haircut by Mobile Barber Shop Depot Gold Coast
French Crop

4. Relaxed Slick

Men's relaxed slick haircut by Mobile Barber Shop Depot Gold Coast
Relaxed Slick

Ideal for straight hair, the relaxed slick has seen many reincarnations over the decades. Today’s version incorporates length on top with shorter sides for a sharp, fashion-forward feel.

5. Classic Zero Fade Side Part

Men's Zero Fade Side Part haircut by Mobile Barber Shop Depot
Zero Fade Side Part

This look works well to balance out facial hair. Opt for a shorter top with the classic side part and zero fade to emphasise the break between hair and beard.

6. Short Back & Sides

Men's modern Short Back and Sides haircut by Mobile Barber Shop Depot Gold Coast
Short Back and Sides

Also known as a ‘gentleman’s cut’ or a ‘regular cut’, the good old short back and sides never goes out of fashion. To keep it on trend, combine it with a quiff and beard.

To refresh your style, book in with one of our Gold Coast based barbers today.

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