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Ebony and Joel got married with us in September 2020, our lovely couple had booked their ceremony and reception with us, but due to the uncertain time caused by COVID they didn't know if they would be able to celebrate or not the most special day of their lives.

This situation was affecting many of the couples that booked their ceremony and reception with us, that's why we decided to created 'CUT THROAT CHAPEL' inside our barber shop/venue, MOBILE BARBER SHOP DEPOT so everyone will be able to go ahead with their ceremonies and be able to get married and postponed the reception to 2021.

Our Gold Coast Chapel was already prepared with everything they needed, we did the floral installation, antique seatings, rugs, sing in table, and we leave everything ready to help them go ahead with the wedding in a very easy way, that's how the chapel born, because COVID can hits and love always remains.


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